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  Aetherius Society - Northern UK Branch - Yoga and Healing Centre
A variety of talks offered by experienced Aetherius Society speakers, subjects include:
• Life on Mars
• The Power of Positive Thinking - for good health and youthful vitality
• The Ascended Masters - exploring their work for mankind
• The Intelligences behind UFOs
• Near Death Experiences and beyond
• Energy and the Environment - how to solve the world energy crisis
• The secret History of Mankind
• The Science of Radionic Crystals
• Karma and Reincarnation
• Contact Healing and Heal your Life with Colour
• Heal your life with colour
• The Sacred Mountains of the world
• The Work of the Nature Spirits - known as the Devic Kingdom
• The Nine Freedoms
• The Twelve Blessings - from Inner Peace to World Peace
• What is the Aetherius Society
• Wisdom From Other Worlds - the mediumship of Dr George King
• How Can I make a Difference

Demonstration depending on subject. £40 fee charged. Please check this price on enquiry.

  Africa's Gift
The charity promotes global citizenship through powerful positive action. This very often includes groups of UK citizens visiting and working alongside community members in Africa on life changing activities.

The charity has strong links with grass root communities in southern and central Africa and engages UK citizens from across the age range. Primary, Secondary, University and University of the Third Age students have all been to Africa with immensely powerful outcomes.

The charity has a particularly deep relationship with Lesotho where its trustees have been working since 2000. A 1.2 hectare teaching farm is being developed next to the village church, primary and secondary school.

The Chairman of the Charity has a particular gift with a camera and can be contacted to do illustrated talks.

Take a look at the new interactive website, it may just change a life, possibly yours.

Charity No: 1149830

  Alcoholics Anonymous - Speakers for Meetings
Subject: Alcoholics Anonymous. No fee charged.
Charity No: 226745

  Anderson, Neil
Neil Anderson is a speaker for meetings and offers various illustrated talks and film shows. His subjects are:
• Sheffield in the 1950s - a talk based on Neil's book, the Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Sheffield in the 1950s, which concentrates on leisure/nightlife trends of the era
• Sheffield in the 1960s - a talk based on Neil's book, the Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Sheffield in the 1960s, which concentrates on leisure/nightlife trends of the era
• Sheffield in the 1970s - a talk based on two of Neil's books (the Dirty Stop Out's Guide to 1970s Sheffield, the Shopaholic's Guide to 1970s Sheffield) and The Reel Monty DVD
• Sheffield in the 1980s - a talk based on Neil's book, the Dirty Stop Out's Guide to Sheffield in the 1980s, which concentrates on leisure/nightlife trends of the era
• The Sheffield Blitz - a talk based on Neil's book, Sheffield's Date With Hitler, the Women of Steel DVD and Forgotten Memories from a Forgotten Blitz book
• The fiesta cabaret club - a talk based on Neil's book, No Siesta 'Til Club Fiesta
• History of Sheffield City Hall - based on Neil's book, Sheffield City Hall - 1932-2012

Fee charged.

  Anthroposophical Society, The - Speakers for Meetings
The Anthroposophical Society offer talks on the following subjects:
• Creative philosophy
• The arts
• Steiner education
• The ideas of Rudolf Steiner and their application today

Fee charged but negotiable. Free enquiries and information.

Charity No: 201407

  Antiques - Speakers for Meetings
Vivienne Milburn is an Antiques Auctioneer & Valuer. She speaks on the changing fashions in the world of antique auctions, bringing you up to date prices on what is valuable.

Talks can cover areas such as: Paintings, Retro Antiques, Chinese & Asian, Silver & Jewellery and collector’s items Toys & Medals.

Valuations on antiques that guests wish to bring with them can be provided, like an "Antiques Roadshow". Also a "Have a go Yourself" quiz.

Talks ideal for History Societies, Rotary, Probus, U3A and Womens Institute type groups. Available to speak at meetings in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. A fee is charged except where the talk is for a charity event when expenses will be charged.

  Arrowsmith, Keith - Speakers for Meetings
Keith Arrowsmith, a local artist, gives a light hearted presentation entitled "A History of Drawing and Painting". The talk includes personal anecdotes and a fun drawing session to end. Keith is also able to offer "Women in Art", a thought provoking different presentation on similar lines to "A history of drawing and painting" but designed specifically for women's friendship groups.

  Assist Sheffield - Speakers for Meetings
Assist Sheffield can provide speakers for meetings. Subjects include:
• Refugees and asylum seekers - personal stories from birthplace to UK
• Uganda & Iran
• Iraq, South Sudan and Chechnia
• Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Guinea
• Zimbabwe - recent history, village and city life, dialogue with a refugee; The effects of global warming on the developing world
• Syria

Charity No: 1100894

  Atherapy - Speakers for Meetings
Atherapy - Holly Wincote offers talks on a variety of subjects, including:
• Hypnotherapy
• NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
• Stress Management
• Life Coaching
• Past Life Regression
• Pregnancy & Childbirth

Holly can also offer talks and 1 day workshops for help with weight loss, stopping smoking, preventing stress, confidence and self esteem, therapy with children, calm and relaxed childbirth, phobias and past life regression.

Qualifications: DipH, DipNLP, HPD, CertDE, DipSMC.

  Bahai Faith, The - Speakers for Meetings
The Bahai Faith can provide speakers for meetings. Subjects include:
• History of the Bahai Faith
• Progressive revelation
• Unity of religions
• Prophecy fulfilled

Music included if needed. No fee charged.

  Barrow, Mr David - Speaker for Meetings
David Barrow is a speaker for meetings. His subject is:
• History and Health aspects of Wu style Tai Chi - a talk with demonstration and participation session

Fee charged. Also runs Tai Chi Chuan - Wu Style classes (see separate entry).

  Battye, David
David Battye is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• Sheffield Dialect, customs and folklore since WW2
• Cruellest Women of the Bible
• "Not Little Darlings" - Secondary School Teaching in Sheffield
• Freemasonry

Fee charged.

  Battye, Mr Ray
Ray Battye is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• Gannister Mining in the Sheffield Area
• Place Names and Surnames
• Churches in the South Yorkshire Landscape
• Where do our road and street names come from?

  Beedham, Ann
Ann Beedham is a speaker for meetings who offers various illustrated talks. Her subjects include:
• Randini - The man who helped Houdini (hear about the local lad who gave Houdini his most iconic escape trick)
• The Suffragette, the Silverworker and the Sheik's Creator - three local women's tales
• Literary Peak - various authors and their links with the Peak District
• Some Interesting Local Personalities - Joseph Paxton, James Montgomery, George Fletcher, Wynne de Lyle, Harvey Teasdale
• Days of sunshine and rain - rambling in the 1920s
• general talks about the city and Derbyshire.

Ann is a local author of books on the history and characters in Sheffield and the Peak District and is also a qualified tour guide who can lead walks or tours. Fee charged.

  Beer and Brewing in Sheffield - Speakers for meetings
John Dowd is a speaker for meetings. He offers two talks on Sheffield's brewing industry:
• Sheffield's brewing heritage - an account of the rise and fall of Sheffield's brewing industry from 1750-2000
• Beer, brewing and brewers - charts the progress of Sheffield brewing by looking at the careers of its leading personalities

Talks are open to any interested group, are illustrated using slides and can include a practical demonstration. Fee charged.

  Bell, Mr K W
Mr Bell offers talks on the following subjects:
• Consumer Protection
• Home Safety; Advertising and the Consumer
• Making a Will - a lighthearted look
• How Things got their Name
• Food Safety
Many other talks available, list on request. Donation to charity requested and contribution to travel expenses.

  Bingham, Suzanne
Suzanne Bingham offers talks on local and family history.
Subjects include:
• Sources of Family History
• A History of Sheffield Newspapers
• The Story of the Sheffield Flood
• Sheffield Working Lives
• The Story of the Sheffield Blitz
• The Anti-Slavery Movement in Sheffield
• The Rise and Fall of the Workhouses
• The Life and Times of Edward Carpenter
• Pox, Pus and Privvies - Sanitary Conditions in Victorian Sheffield
• From Back to Backs to Penthouses, The Way We Used to Live
• Sheffielders on holiday

Fee charged.

  Bradshaw, Peter
Mr Bradshaw is a speaker for meetings. He offers illustrated talks with power point presentations. His subjects are:
• Israel
• Egypt and the Great Pyramid

No fee charged, and any donations are given to Sheffield Children's Hospital.

  Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University - Speakers for Meetings
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University can provide speakers for meetings. Subjects include:
• meditation
• positive thinking
• self esteem

No fee charged.

Charity No: 269971

  British Humanist Association Sheffield Celebrants, The - Speakers for Meetings
Provides speakers for organisations on the work of the British Humanist Association Celebrants' group. Also offers a personal service for those wishing to celebrate a personal event in their lives (such as weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies) in a non-religious manner.

  British Red Cross Society - Speakers for Meetings
British Red Cross Society can provide speakers for meetings, who offer an illustrated talk covering the history of the Red Cross, the Red Cross around the world, the Red Cross around the corner, and making it happen with the Haiti response as a case study. Donations requested.
Charity No: 220949

  Brown, Sally
Sally Brown is a speaker for meetings. Her subject is: Percy Grainger, The Man and his Music Today.

She offers 2 introductory displays in music and words:

• 'Percy Grainger - "Wayside Gardener" and Fore-runner of Musical Democracy' - gives glimpses of the man in his life and work in between items of his music
• 'Come Into The Garden' - relates his work to the musical scenes in and around Sheffield and the world

Each talk consists of 2 sections of 1 hour duration.

  Butterflies - Speakers for Meetings
Butterflies - Subject: 'Insight to Jewellery', covering the history, source and diversity of jewellery, including materials, plus sale of hand-crafted jewellery.

Available Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons and evenings.

  Cavendish Centre for Cancer Care, The - Speakers for Meetings
Subject is: An Innovative Approach to Cancer Care for both Patients and Carers. Usual speakers fee or donations very welcome.
Charity No: 1104261

  Christian Aid - Speakers for Meetings
Christian Aid can provide speakers for meetings who offer talks on the following subjects:
• causes of world poverty
• the work of Christian Aid
• climate change
• economic justice
• campaigning for change and countries where the organisation works, which include Kenya, Burkina Faso, India and Bolivia.

Charity No: 1105851

  City of Sanctuary Sheffield
City of Sanctuary Sheffield is a movement of local people and organisations including schools, community groups, and businesses who want to welcome and include people seeking sanctuary in their activities.

Trains refugees to give talks and workshops about asylum to schools, community groups and in the workplace. Organises events to bring Sheffield people together with asylum seekers and refugees, and sends supporters news of local refugee events and opportunities.

Charity No: 1146284

  Clayton, Ron
Ron Clayton is a speaker for meetings his subjects are:
• Myths and Mysteries of Sheffield Castle
• Sheffield Graves and Gravestones
• Wadsley Village - a Memoir of Lost Sheffield
• Body Snatching in Sheffield
• Garrison Town (the Military in Sheffield)
• A Fishmongers Lad (Growing Up in Hillsborough, Wadsley and Crookes 1952-1970)
• Lost Heritage (Historic Buildings in Sheffield Which Have Been Lost Since 1900)
• Gibbeted - The Story of Francis Fearn and Spence Broughton
• Charlie Peace's Life, Loves and Crimes
• Some 'Orrible Sheffield Murders and Crimes
• Some Famous Sheffield Ghosts and Hauntings
• Harvey Teasdale, a Famous Sheffield Barmpot
• The Lost Streets and Street Names of Sheffield
• Sheffield's Greatest Chief Constable
• Sheffield's Oldest Public House? (a look at the many faces of the Old Queen's Head Pub, Pond Hill)
• Sheffield Local History Quizzes
• Looking at Sheffield from Old Maps and Prints
• An Evening with Ron Clayton, Professional Sheffielder, Wit and Raconteur
• A Nostalgic Look Back at Sheffield's Vanishing Pub Heritage
• Some Famous and Not So Famous Books About Sheffield
• Some Famous and Infamous Sheffielders
• Ron Clayton's Life of Grime - 17 years in "Elf and Safety" (not for those of delicate disposition)
• 60 years of Sheffield - A Personal View
• Urban Myth? Sheffield's Underground Passages and Wells

Historical walks around Sheffield see

  Collective Legal Solutions - Speakers for Meetings
Collective Legal Solutions offers an entertaining, interactive talk designed to help people understand more about how to draw up a will. No fee charged, except travel expenses for the speaker.

  Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)
Compassion in World Farming is a registered charity which aims to educate the public regarding farm animal systems and to obtain legislation for better conditions for farm animals. Gives talks.
Charity No: 1095050

  Cornwell, John
John Cornwell is a speaker for meetings. His subjects include:
• Write your own History; Write the History of your Institution (sports club, social club, church/chapel, school)
• History of King Edward VII School (including the history of the school and former pupils from 1914-1918)
• History of South Yorkshire County Council 1973-86
• History of Wortley Hall (Since 1951 when it became "Labour's Home") - The Workers Stately Home 1951-Present

  Coupland, Mr Fred
Fred Coupland's subjects are:
• Roman Britain; Town Life in Roman Britain
• Hadrian's Wall
• The Roman Army, 1st & 2nd Century AD
• Working on Hadrian's Wall
• Blood in the Sand: the Roman Games
• From Somewhere to Nowhere: The Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway
• Excavations at Newark Castle
• History From The Air: Aerial Photography in Archaeology

Illustrated talks. Fee charged.

  Cry-Sis Helpline
Cry-sis aims to be efficient and effective in providing self-help and support to families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies. To achieve this, Cry-sis runs a national telephone helpline that is available to callers every day of the year between 9am and 10pm. Callers are referred to a trained volunteer member of Cry-sis who has had personal experience of crying or sleep problems within their own family.
Charity No: 295470

  Dale-Leech MBE, Mrs Caroline
Caroline Dale-Leech MBE is a speaker for meetings.

Her subject is:
• Horses and carriages and the work of the Red House Stables and Carriage Museum

Illustrated talk. Talks only given October to March. Fee charged.

  Derrick, Mrs Janina
Janina Derrick's subjects are:
• 'A Long Walk For Freedom, the story of a mother and daughter's escape from Poland in 1945
• 'Sidelined by history: Women inventors from 1750-2008' - in use everyday items not known to have been invented by women

Fee charged.

  Development Education Centre, South Yorkshire - Speakers for Meetings
Development Education Centre, South Yorkshire can provide speakers for meetings. Subject: World Development Education. No fee charged.

The Development Education Centre is an independent educational charity working to promote a global dimension in education since 1984.

Charity No: 115337

  Dreadful, Mr P
Mr P Dreadful is a speaker for meetings. He runs the Steel City Ghost Tours around the city of Sheffield and is available for talks and visits to tell stories of the Steel City. Tales include ghosts and forgotten folklore of the area and of the dead who still experience the living in their quest for everlasting life.

The subjects he can entertain your guests with include:
• Sheffield History
• The Crimes and Murders of the city centre
• The Myriad of Ghosts and Ghouls who haunt the buildings of our fair city
• Funereal Arts and Practices of the Past - such as, why women wore black and why the back door was never used for the dead. How to protect your home from the wandering souls in winter and the folklore of the past that we still cling to today.

Mr Dreadful can even take you on a tour of the hidden history of Sheffield's buildings and give the young an eye into the past, with a Rotten Jobs Tour (aka Horrible Histories). A true picture of the working conditions of the Sheffield young, where if you made it to 26 you were an old man!

Fee charged, prices available on request, each tour can be tailored to suit your groups needs, whether in the day or in the evening, Mr P Dreadful will do his utmost to accommodate you and your guests.

  Dunn, Ken - Speaker for Meetings
Ken Dunn speaks on the power of working in partnership with communities in Southern Africa. Offers illustrated talks with practical demonstrations. A fee is charged.

  Dunn, Marjorie
Marjorie Dunn is a speaker for meetings her subjects are:
• "From Slum to Sunshine" - a history of the poor children of Sheffield
• The Brontes, Hathersage and Jane Eyre, (the life of the Brontes)
• "Granny's Old Tin Box" - a talk on how to do local and family history
• "Queen Mary's Dolls House" - a time-capsule of the 1920s
• "Why the Tally Stone?" - why the book was written and how accurately it describes Sheffield at that time
• The Fulwood Cottage Homes
• History Afloat - Sheffield to Kingston-upon-Hull
• Puppetry in my Life - a brief history of puppets worldwide
• Contrasting Views, Painter John Constable and Frank Meadow Sutcliffe - the Whitby photographer
• The French Invasian - an account of Napoleonic Prisoners of War in Chesterfield

Illustrated talks. Fee charged: £22 per talk if collected and £25 large educational groups, please check prices for accuracy. May require transport.

  Dyslexia Action
Dyslexia Action is a registered charity that offers advice and help to people with dyslexia, teacher training diploma courses and help with educational psychologists' assessments. Specialist teaching is available. Offers various courses for parents and teaching assistants. Self or any referral.

Can also arrange talks by experienced staff. Fee charged.

Charity No: 268502

  Dyson, Mrs Sheila
Sheila Dyson is a speaker for meetings. Her subjects are:
• Flight of a Thousand Eyes - England to Australia in a light aircraft
• Kiwi Adventure - travels in the Southern Alps of New Zealand
• Adventures in the Himalayas - expedition to Mera Peak 21,247ft and travels in East Nepal
• Icelandic Journey - circular journey of Iceland (including geology, geography and adventure)
• Women in Flight - learning to fly an aeroplane
• White Magic of Antarctica - expedition to Mount Vinson 16,087ft, flying, living on the ice
• Derbyshire from the Air - aerial shots of the Peak District
• On the Rim of the North Pole, a sea and mountain journey in Spitzbergen
• By Train to Mongolia - railway journey from Moscow through Siberia, Mongolia and down into Beijing
• Is weight your problem? - an alternative view of weight control
• Land of the People - Disko Bay, Greenland
• On the Edge of Britain (Shetland Islands)
• The Forgotten Faroes

Illustrated talks. Fee charged.

  Engering, Scott
Scott Engering is a speaker for meetings his subjects are:
• Geology, Landscapes and Architecture around South Yorkshire and the Peak District National Park
• Rocks and minerals under the microscope
• The Cleaning and Restoration of some London Landmarks

A freelance lecturer and photographer who works as a geologist and building stone specialist, with an interest in historic buildings.
Field trips available on demand. Scott can tailor make talks about your area.

Slide show equipment and digital screens for Powerpoint presentations must be provided by groups.

  Escafeld Medieval Society - Speakers for Meetings
Escafeld Medieval Society can provide speakers for meetings who offer talks and living history displays to schools, historical societies and any other interested groups or individuals.

  Feeley, Francis
Francis Feeley offers introductory talks on Irish music, language and culture, illustrated with live performances and workshops if required. Modest fee charged. Venues include old people's homes, retired groups and probus clubs.

  Firth, Andrew
Andrew Firth offers talks on various countryside locations including:
• The Coast to Coast Walk and Pennine Way
• Scotland
• Somerset
• The Lake District
• Heartbeat Country
• The Peak District
• The Isle of Wight
• The Yorkshire Dales

Other subjects include:
• Travel around Britain
• Unusual signs and various transport talks.
Illustrated talks. Fee of £35-£40 (including expenses) charged, please check this price for accuracy.

  Focused Hypnosis - Speaker for Meetings
Richard gives talks to groups and meetings about aspects of his experience as a hypnotherapist. The issues he is available to talk on are:

• Stress
• NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
• Hypnosis
• Mindfulness and meditation

Richard also has group workshops and presentations available. These can be one hour, three hours or a full day on stopping smoking, reducing weight, the power of persuasive language and stress management.

Qualifications: DipH, DipNLP, HPD, CertDE, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Hypnotension Certified, Diploma in Advanced Smoking Cessation, Diploma in EMDR, Parts Therapy Diploma.

  Forever Wild - Speaker for Meetings
Steve Drinkall is a Wildlife & Landscape Photographer based in Sheffield. He offers stunningly illustrated, informative and extremely enjoyable presentations for any groups requiring speakers for meetings.

Steve is an experienced speaker having given over 200 talks to various organisations including: societies, clubs, W.I., probus clubs, Townswomen Guilds, Agewell groups, lunch clubs, friendship clubs, fellowship groups, church groups, community centres, nursing homes, parties and individuals.

Steve can also offer his talks as a unique gift - if you are looking for a present for someone special, maybe for a milestone birthday or anniversary or for somebody who is housebound, Steve can give a presentation in the recipient's own home or at a venue of your choice.

All talks are of approximately 1 hour duration (or to suit the occasion) and feature Steve's own wildlife and landscape photographs.

Talk titles include:
• Images of Wildlife & Wild Places - a tour of some of the Scottish islands featuring otters, eagles, puffins, wild landscapes, beautiful sunsets and more
• Nature's Wonders on our Doorstep - the wonderful kaleidoscope of wildlife and landscapes in and around the Sheffield area
• The Splendours of Autumn - Autumn holds many more splendours than just the changing colours of the leaves
• Highland Odyssey - a journey through the glorious highland landscape, discovering its wildlife secrets along the way
• Tales of the Riverbank - highlighting the many inhabitants of our waterways, from water voles to snakes, dragonflies to kingfishers

All equipment can be provided and Steve holds an Enhanced CRB Certificate. Fee charged.

  Freeman-Keel, Mr P
Mr Freeman-Keel is a speaker for meetings. His subject is: Wills of the Rich and Famous. No fee, but a donation to charity requested.

  Friends of the Peak District Speaker Service
We provide talks to local groups about the Peak District National Park and our work in helping to protect the landscapes of the Peak District and South Yorkshire. Our volunteer speakers give an illustrated talk about the history and landscapes of the Peak District, and why the countryside needs continued protection.

We are a charity based in Sheffield, dedicated to protecting the landscapes of the Peak District and South Yorkshire. We represent the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and the Campaign for National Parks in our area. We campaign against damaging development, and support sustainable initiatives which help rural landscapes and communities. Company Limited by Guarantee no 4496754.

Price: A fee of £40 is charged for our speaker service, all of which goes towards the work of the charity. Please check this price on enquiry.

Please visit website for more details.

Charity No: 1094975

  Garbutt, Peter - Speaker for Meetings
Peter Garbutt is a speaker for meetings. He offers talks on:
• ecosocialism
• green politics
• the environment
• democracy
• equality
• energy generation from renewables/nuclear/fossil fuels
• the need for new economics

Peter's fees are negotiable and will include travel expenses. He will travel up to 25 miles from Sheffield.

Subject: Graphology, an introduction to handwriting analysis and its uses. Fee charged.

  Guide Dogs for The Blind - Speakers for Meetings
Subject: Guide Dogs for the Blind, given by an official speaker for the organisation. No fee charged.

  Hallamshire History
Hallamshire History is an education organisation specialising in providing historical talks, classes, trips and summer schools to a wide variety of people. We can address most areas of the arts, but specialise in history and archaeology from Biblical times, through to the present day.

We run many classes for older people throughout Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield, as well as providing regular talks for various local organisations, and living history presentations to local schools.

Please contact for details or visit our website for our class timetables, and a brochure with services that we can provide.

Prices depend on the service required. Classes are £6 per class (with a £20 enrolment fee). Talks and presentations are normally £50 per hour, although discounts can be available for block or multiple bookings.

  Hampton, Brian
Brian Hampton is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• Nutrition and Health Through Awareness
• Food, Facts and Fallacies - a fun look at nutrition.

Qualifications: Dip ION.

  Hancock, Alan
Alan Hancock is a professional speaker and lectures in schools and colleges across the country. Alan recently retired from South Yorkshire Police so now has more time available for talks.

Alan offers talks on two main subjects:
• Jack the Ripper (the Whitechapel murders of 1888)
• A British Bobby in Bosnia

The Jack the Ripper presentation takes about 2.5 hours and is the culmination of a 5 year study into the Whitechapel murders of 1888. It concludes with the killer being revealed. This talk can be delivered in one event with a break in the middle, or two events of 1.25 hours each. The cost of one 2.5 hour event is £125, the two shorter presentations cost £75 each.

A British Bobby in Bosnia is a one-off presentation of about 1 hour and tells of Alan's being seconded to the United Nations for a life-changing 12 month mission to Bosnia following the war there. The cost of this presentation is £75. Please check these prices on enquiry.

Alan uses all his own equipment (projector, laptop etc.) and this is included in the price.

There is a small charge for mileage if the events are more than 10 miles from home address.

Alan is based in Barnsley.

  Harding, Patrick
Patrick Harding is a speaker for meetings. He offers talks on:
• Christmas Customs
• Mushrooms
• Medicinal Use of Plants
• Stories About Plants
• The Plant Hunters
• Trees
• Wild Flowers of the Peak District

Residential courses and trips abroad take place throughout the year. Speaker will bring copies of his books. Fee is £75 for illustrated talks. Please check this price on enquiry.

  Healing (Wendy Caroline) - Speakers for Meetings
Wendy Caroline is a speaker for meetings. She offers fresh uplifting talks on natural healing. All information is based on honest first-hand experience and talks are presented by a qualified natural healer with over 20 years' experience.

Talks last 45 minutes to an hour and a quarter and are suitable for groups of any size Talks can be interactive and can include a healing demonstration. Wendy specialises in teaching and encourages people to use natural self-healing methods regularly to achieve self-empowerment.

Wendy is able to provide individual healing sessions either at a well-appointed central Sheffield venue or is able to travel to your own home. There is s a fee for this session. Please check prices on enquiry.

  Heesterman, Ann
Ann Heesterman is a speaker for meetings. Her subjects are:
• The health benefits and many uses of aromatherapy - the uses of essential oils
• Reiki - the history of this ancient healing art, and an insight into this method of transmitting universal energy, which can bring great relief on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Demonstration if requested. Fee charged.

Qualifications: MICHT (Member of International Council of Holistic Therapists, Member of the International Association of Reiki).

  Higginbottom, Mike
Mike Higginbottom is a freelance history lecturer with a background in university extramural education. He lectures for NADFAS on architectural history

His topics include:

• The Big Apple: the architecture of New York city
• Windy City: the architecture of Chicago
• St Pancras Station
• Liverpool's Heritage
• Manchester's Heritage
• Fun Palaces: the history & architecture of the entertainment industry
• Victorian Cemeteries
• Victorian Sewerage
• English Country Houses – not quite what they seem.

Fee charged.

  Hodgkins, Mr Mike
Mr Mike Hodgkins is a speaker for meetings. He is a retired fire officer and has published a novel about his experiences. His subjects are:
• his novels "Better Red than Dead" and "Jake's Tale"
• life in the fire service
• how to avoid or survive a fire
• the Peak District
• the pleasure and problems of being a writer

Fee charged, please contact for details.

  Home-Start Sheffield - Speakers for Meetings
Home Start Sheffield can provide speakers for meetings.

Subject: The support and befriending scheme for families with children under 5 years.

Home-Start Sheffield has a proven, lasting, positive impact on the development of children and the health and welfare of the family. Donations always welcome.

Charity No: 1101167

  House of Colour - Alison Mitchell
Alison Mitchell's subjects are:
• Image Consultancy
• Colour Analysis
• Style and Image
• Personal Packaging and the Power of Accessorising
• Conveying the Right Image
• Wedding Service
• Professional Top to Toe Executive and Authority Dressing
• Dressing for Success
• Skin Care and Make Up
• Focus on Fashion
• Packing a Capsule Wardrobe

Fee charged depending on group or a donation to charity

  Hurt By Abuse
“Hurt By Abuse” is a new project set up by the Catholic Diocese of Hallam to reach out and offer support to survivors of abuse. Its aim is to support those who have been abused within the Catholic Church, or members of the Catholic community (past or present) who have experienced abuse in other settings. In the first instance, the Support Facilitator will listen carefully to you and offer support by telephone, email or face to face. You may want information, help accessing services or to have a voice and be heard, so the hope is to offer a service that is individually tailored to you. The project is new, and hopes to evolve in response to survivors’ needs.

The Hurt By Abuse project is based at Hallam Pastoral Centre, S9 but is provided across the Diocese. The Support Facilitator does not offer counselling, but can help you to access local services if that is what you would like. The project is in the early stages of development and hopes to offer a wider level of support in the future.

Alongside work with those who have experienced abuse directly, the project can also be accessed by those offering support to others. Hurt by Abuse is currently developing an information pack, but you can also contact them for individual support and guidance for your work.

Hurt by Abuse offers talks in the community and the next series of talks are due to commence in March 2014 in Barnsley, please see the website for details. Can offer a talk individually tailored to your group’s needs.

You can find further information by visiting the website From here, hover over the Safeguarding tab on the menu bar – this will open a drop-down menu, where you will find Hurt By Abuse.

  Hutson, Mrs Hilary
Mrs Hilary Hutson is a speaker for meetings. She offers a variety of slide-illustrated talks on the following subjects:
• gardens and gardening
• researching family history

Fee charged.

  Hutson, Vivian
Vivian Hutson is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• The bomber offensive in WW2 - the key decisions on the formation and strategy of the huge British bomber force is discussed, and its operation as seen from the aircrew point of view is illustrated
• Eugenics - this controversial subject had a dramatic impact in the first half of the twentieth century. The background genetics is outlined and the historical and modern views are discussed
• Decisive Years: the Eastern Front 1941-42 - In June 1941 3 million soldiers of the best army in the world attacked Russia. The talk discusses the key decisions governing the campaign and its progress culminating in the defeat at Stalingrad.

Talks last for about one hour and are illustrated using Powerpoint.

Vivian charges £30 plus travel costs please check this price on enquiry.

  It Could Be Verse - Speakers for Meetings
Looking for a different sort of entertainment for your social group?

"It Could Be Verse" performs programmes of original humorous comic verse and monologues for the entertainment of fellowship groups, probus clubs and all kinds of adult social groups in the Sheffield area.

"It Could Be Verse" are Kath, Sue and Ray, a voluntary trio who perform to raise funds for charity. This year (2013-2014) all fees will be donated to St Lukes Hospice.

Performances are usually charged at £30-£50 per performance - all performances fees are donated to the group's nominated charity. A small charge to cover travel costs etc. may also be charged, e.g. £5-10. Please check these prices on enquiry.

  John B Taylor - Speakers for Meetings
John is a professional historian with a broad knowledge of his subject. He travels countrywide to give talks and lectures and has appeared on both TV and radio. John is also a writer, historical consultant and researcher and often acts as a guide for English Heritage and other public bodies.

His talks are delivered with factual accuracy but always containing humorous anecdotes, he believes history should be a fun subject appealing to all tastes and backgrounds.

Talks include:
• Britain's peculiar legacy of Follies, Myths and Fancies
• It's not really British you know!
• The history of Bolsover Castle
• The life of William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle (1593-1676)
• Curiosities of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire
• Napoleons lost legions (Prisoners of War in Britain)
• The Chesterfield murders
• The history of Sutton of Scarsdale Hall
• King John and the Magna Carta

A full inventory of talks is available on request. A negotiable fee is charged.

  Johnson, Heather and Prior, Pamela
Heather Johnson and Pamela Prior are speakers for meetings. Their main subject is:
• 'The Continuing journey of St Mary's school, Bangalore'

The talk is about their involvement over the past 7 years and the work of the The Global Vision Trust International (an Indian Charity running a school for children aged 2½ - 5 years, who live in slum conditions) from its beginning, including funding, annual visits and ongoing assistance. It is an illustrated talk which involves slides of the conditions in which many people in Bangalore live as well as India's famous landmarks.

They also offer the following talks:
• 'The Highs and lows of our journeys through India'
• A recent trip to Rwanda
• 'Amusing happenings during our many visits to India'

Donations welcome.

  Johnson-Smith, Jo
Jo Johnson-Smith is a speaker for meetings. She offers talks and workshops on the following:
• Tarot (from beginners to expert, over 25 years of experience as a reader)
• Palmistry (how to read the hand and gain insight into character)
• Astrology (basic Sun signs and compatibility)
• Colour therapy (how to understand colour and how it affects you)
• Basic body language (how to be more confident and read the signals properly)
• Aura therapy (basic healing and strengthening of the energy body)
• Relaxation therapies (basic stress relief strategies to use every day)
• Folklore of fairy tales (the truth behind the Victorian cover up and Christianisation of older myths)
• Pagan rites and festivals (the folklore of Yorkshire and the small magics of kitchens and wives)

Jo also offers the following tours:
• Architecture tour of the City Centre (a chance to see the hidden language of the stonemasons)
• Forage walks (a free food walk and basic herbalism through the parks of Sheffield)

All talks, workshops and tours can be booked privately for groups or individuals. Women-only groups can be catered for. Most talks are two hours long. Prices are available on request and depend on the size of the group.

  Jones, Norman William
Norman W. Jones is a speaker for meetings. He is a retired lecturer with 21 years' experience and is aged 79. He can offer talks with visual aids, colour slides, demonstrations and illustrations.

Talks are on the following subjects:
• heraldry
• calligraphy
• colour experience
• drawing, painting and colour
• decoration and design
• architecture
• further education
• surface coatings
• Evolution - evolve, the world, natural processes, early species to present time

Norman has also visited over 35 countries and can offer talks on the following:
• Netherlands
• China
• Florida
• Russia
• Canada
• Normandy
• Spain
• Egypt
• Turkey
• France
• Gibraltar
• Israel
• Portugal
• Germany
• Switzerland
• Austria
• Belgium
• Jersey and Guernsey
• Hong Kong
• Isles of Scilly
• Ireland
• Scotland
• Wales
• Poland
• Cyprus
• Sri Lanka
• India
• Isle of Wight
• Italy
• San Marino
• Luxembourg
• Isle of Man
• Mexico
• Caribbean cruise
• Malta
• Sicily
• Scandinavian and Baltic tour
• Mediterranean tour
• Norwegian fjords cape explorer
• Grand Canary Island
• Icelandic explorer
• Orkney Faroe Islands

A small fee is charged for equipment and travel expenses incurred. Please contact for details.

Norman can cater for everyone, including mixed groups, men- or women-only groups, children, teenagers and older people. Group size can vary from 12 to over 250, depending on the occasion.

  Kersey, Gerry
Gerry Kersey is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• 45 Years in Broadcasting, a Humorous Look at Life in Local Radio (and Theatre)
• A Light-Hearted Examination of the Humour Business
• Things That go Bump in Radio - Amusing Mishaps and Mistakes
• My Other Hobby - Mixing Radio with Painting
• Radio Encounters with Celebrity
• Radio Stars of Yesterday

Gerry will deliver talks in South Yorkshire and North Midlands.

Fee charged.

  Lee, John
John Lee is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• The beginning of Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll - a guide to jazz from the early 20s to the 50s and rock 'n' roll from the 50s onwards
• Vocalists of the 30s/40s/50s
• How the music changed: vocals in the 60s/70s

Illustrated with recorded examples.

  Leonard Cheshire Disability - Speakers for Meetings
Leonard Cheshire Disability can provide speakers for meetings who give talks on Leonard Cheshire and the work of the Sheffield Cheshire Home. Donations welcome. No fee charged.
Charity No: 218186

  Life Pregnancy Care Service
LIFE Pregnancy Care Service offers confidential counselling for anyone with an unexpected pregnancy who is wondering what to do and what help is available. LIFE offers the time and space to think and talk things through, calmly before reaching a decision. LIFE also offers counselling for those who have had an abortion and are feeling depressed or confused. Experienced helpers can assist in untangling difficult emotions and feelings, thus leading to healing.

LIFE Fertility programme offers help to couples who are having difficulties achieving a pregnancy. LIFE Education offers presentations on pregnancy and abortion issues and a LIFE education officer can respond to requests for speakers on a variety of topics to do with pregnancy and abortion, please contact on 01926 312 272.

Charity No: 1128355

  Lovely Leather - Speakers for Meetings
Subject: Lovely Leather - amusing anecdotes of a leather worker making and selling her goods around Britain (including many stately homes). Samples of goods, leathers, skins etc displayed and various leather goods available for sale. Fee charged.

  MacKay, Mrs
Mrs MacKay is a speaker for meetings her subjects are:
• The Changing Face of the English Countryside
• The Awakening of Spring/Summertime/Autumn's Glory/A Winter Wonderland
• A Lakeland Calendar
• Scenes Around Snowdonia
• Cornish Miscellany
• Discovering Hardy's Dorset
• Conflict in the Cairngorms
• Scottish Island Hopping
• The Sovereign Isle of Man
• Switzerland
• The Chamonix Valley and Mont Blanc
• Iceland
• Norway
• 2,000 Miles of Southern Sweden
• The Scandinavian Peninsula
• An Arctic Experience

Illustrated talks. Fee charged.

  Macmillan Cancer Support - Speakers for Meetings
Macmillan Cancer Support offers talks on the following subjects:
• Macmillan Cancer Support - who we are, what we do and why
• We Are Macmillan - what it means
• A brief introduction to cancer awareness and ways to support us locally

Talks can be offered by the local Macmillan representative separately.

Charity No: 261017

  Make A Wish Foundation - Speakers for Meetings
Make-a-Wish Foundation UK tries to provide speakers from your local area to give illustrated talks on the work of the foundation. No fee charged, but donations welcome.

Make-a-Wish grants wishes to children and young people aged 3-17 years who are fighting life-threatening conditions.

Charity No: 295672

  Marie Curie - Speakers for Meetings
Marie Curie provides speakers for meetings. Talks are on the history of the charity and the present-day, invaluable work of its network of nurses in local communities in South Yorkshire. Information is also provided on ways to support the charity and fundraising events and appeals. No fee charged. Donations welcome.
Charity No: 207994

  Medical Detection Dogs - Speakers for Meetings
Nicola Crawford's subject is Medical Detection Dogs.

Cancer Detection Dogs:
Dogs are being trained to detect the smell of cancer by screening samples in a laboratory environment. It is hoped that not only can the dogs be trained to screen for cancers which are difficult to detect by conventional methods, but will also help scientists develop new, cheaper, mechanical methods of screening for cancer, such as "electronic noses".

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs:
Dogs are trained to assist individuals who manage complex health conditions. They are placed in a similar way to guide dogs but are trained to be able to identify and warn individuals of oncoming life threatening events - such as the sudden changes in sugar levels in severe diabetes. This gives people greater independence and confidence and helps save lives.

Price: the charity asks for a donation of £50 for a talk.

  Mohamed, Ramon
Ramon Mohamed speaks on his charity Building Schools Building Nations which seeks to raise the profile of building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Also speaks on dual heritage identities and related social, political and economic issues.

  Morgan, Ian
Ian Morgan is a professional historian who not only writes on historical subjects, in particular crime and punishment, but also travels around the country giving illustrated talks and lectures. He has appeared both on TV and radio. As well as lectures, he also gives guided tours around historical sites and he acts as a guide on behalf of English Heritage at a number of their sites, particularly Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire.

Ian's illustrated talks include:
• Bolsover Castle through the ages
• The Pleasure Palace - be the first to solve the puzzle in Bolsover Castle's artwork, if you can
• Footpads, Kings and Highwayman - the story of the Great North Road in Nottinghamshire
• The Fossdyke - a watery tale of mystery and intrigue
• Pestilence, Intrigue and Murder - the story of the great plague and more
• Within Sight of the Gibbet - a tale of hardship, courage, death and transportation in 19th century England
• The Curious World of Old Time Punishments - from capital punishment to corporal punishment. From birching to riding the stang and the newcastle cloak. There is something for everyone in this talk on "The Good Old Days"

Fee charged.

  Newton, Joan M
Joan Newton offers a talk and demonstration on the art of pressed flowers (fee charged).
Other subjects include:
• A Pressing Engagement in Japan - the story of a very unexpected visit to Japan (fee charged)
• To Romania With Love - the story of the WI's involvement with women's groups in Romania, a story with a happy ending (donations towards the work)
• The Medieval Saxon Villages of Transylvania - unique, fragile and desperately in need of official protection and sustainable development (donations towards the work)

  Nicholson, J K
J K Nicholson is a speaker for meetings, subjects are:
• A History of File Manufacture
• James Chesterman and their Measuring Tools
• Metals in Horology (aimed at groups of watch/clock makers and model engineers)

All talks are illustrated and are suitable for technical groups, local history groups, U3A, probus groups etc. Travelling expenses are charged. A small fee (negotiable) for charity is requested.

  Northern Stories - Speakers for Meetings
Northern Stories' subjects are:
• Behind the Headlines: a look at how our media works, from the weekly newspaper to the high-powered TV investigation, certainly serious, but sometimes light-hearted, told through the eyes of journalists with over 30 years' experience. Fee charged.
• Rotten Boroughs - corrupt councils across the country: revealing what's being going on in our councils for decades, from the well-known scandals of Donnygate and architect John Poulson to less well-known, but still highly significant, examples of bent public servants. Presented by a former local government correspondent for the Guardian and contributor to Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs page.

  Ogden, Mike
Mike Ogden is a visiting speaker for meetings. His talks are:
• "Hotels in the Sky" (The story of the Zeppelin years)
• "The Slow Road" (a journey around the English waterways)
• "The seed of Kings" (tracing the bloodline of the British monarchy, from Alfred the Great to the present queen). All three talks are extensively illustrated and are designed to last one hour, but can be shortened or lengthened if necessary.

"Hotels in the Sky" covers the Zeppelin years when aeroplanes were small, crude, unreliable, uncomfortable and short-range and the future of air travel belonged to the airship. The talk is presented using Powerpoint and is richly illustrated, including original newsreel footage, and follows the airship story from its origins in 1900 to its terrifying end in 1937.

"The Slow Road" explores cruising by narrowboat through the English waterways. The talk is richly illustrated with modern and archive pictures and original verses.

Mike's fee is £40 plus travel costs from Worksop. Please check this price on enquiry.

He will travel to venues in South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire and is available most days and evenings from October to April.
Please contact for details.

  Organ Donation and Transplantation Awareness
Offers talks on organ and tissue donation, and transplantation issues.

  Oxfam - Speakers for Meetings
Oxfam offers talks on various development issues and Oxfam's work overseas. Some talks are illustrated. Donations welcome. A fee is charged to schools to cover resources pack. No fee charged for other organisations.
Charity No: 202918

  Page, Trevor
Trevor Page offers comedy talks entitled:
• What Makes You Laugh?
• What Makes You Laugh Twice?'
• Still Laughing
• When You're Smiling
• When things go wrong - some disasters that can happen to comedians and speakers
These include stories about some of the most loved comedians of the past and offers insights into comedy drawn from the speaker's own observations of life.

Other titles include:
• 'Christmas Surprise' - a humorous look at the festive season drawn partly from the speaker's years as a parish priest in Yorkshire
• 'Knives and Vicars' - a lecture on how an often colourful collection of clergy responded to the growth of Sheffield's steel industry
• 'Echoes of Laughter' - an account of some of the history and comic goings on at Sheffield's famous old variety theatres (The Sheffield Empire and The Attercliffe Palace)
• 'The Cathedral Canon and the Theatre Manager' - a look back at the great Sheffield days of Johnnie Spitzer and Canon McKee

Lunchtime comedy and 'After Dinners' also available. Fee charged, all bookings and fee enquiries welcome.

  PDSA Talkies - Speakers for Meetings
PDSA Talkies offers a range of talks about the work and history of PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) and the five welfare needs of animals.

PDSA is a national charity that provides free veterinary treatment for the sick and injured pets of people in need. Talks are delivered with a PowerPoint presentation and videos. They are free but donations are very welcome to help PDSA to carry out its crucial work.

Charity No: 208217

  Peak Park Wildflower Nursery
Peak Park Wildflower Nursery's subjects are:
• Wild Flower Gardens
• Landscaping
• Wild Flowers and Conservation
• Domestic Garden Design
• Creating and Running a Wild Flower Nursery

Illustrated talks with portable projector.

Price: A fee of £40 + travel expenses is charged. Please check the price on enquiry.

Jude Warrender is a speaker for meetings who offers talks about Plantlife, a registered wild flower conservation charity which works to protect wild plants and to build understanding of the important role they play in everyone’s lives. Talks are illustrated with Powerpoint presentation.

A negotiable donation to Plantlife may be requested, according to the means and aims of the group. Travel costs may be charged for talks located outside of Sheffield.

Charity No: 1059559

  Poulton-Smith, Anthony
Anthony Poulton-Smith is a freelance journalist and author, and has had many books, articles, innumerable crosswords and puzzles published, whilst also compiling and marketing quizzes.

More than half of his books have been on the subject of the origins of place-names and he has been the guest speaker at several events, including last year’s BBC events at Gloucester and Coventry as part of the Great British Story series. His talks not only cover the origins of towns and villages but also hills, streams, districts, fields, streets, and even public houses. 2015 sees the release of his books on Yorkshire place names.

His other talks included:
• the paranormal
• pub names
• street names
• privies
• humorous etymologies
• animal myths
• salt routes
• ley lines
• Watling street
• the Saxon era
• the fastener industry
• talking Butts

  Powell, Lloyd
Lloyd Powell is a speaker for meetings his subjects are:
• Local History; British History with Archaeology
• Biblical History with Archaeology
• Egyptology

Some talks are illustrated. Fee charged.

  Price, Susan Ann
Susan Price is a speaker for meetings. She offers talks on the following subjects:
• reflexology
• reiki (energy healing)
• bodytalk (holistic therapy)

Demonstration available. Fee negotiable.

  Ridler, Janet - Speaker for meetings
Janet Ridler is Sheffield Cathedrals Heritage Officer and regularly visits groups and societies in Sheffield and beyond with informative, illustrated talks on the history and heritage of Sheffield and its Cathedral

Her talks include:
• Sheffield Cathedral: 900 years of Sheffield History in one Building
• A Century of History: Sheffield Cathedral and two World Wars

Ideal for retired groups, Local History Groups, Rotary, Probus, U3A, Womens Institute etc.

Talks can be held at your meeting places or at Sheffield Cathedral.

Fee negotiable depending on group size and travelling times, to cover costs and donation to the Cathedral.

  Rogerson, Norah K
Norah Rogerson is a speaker for meetings. She provides 3 illustrated talks on art related subjects. Her subjects are:
• Sheffield Walkabout - experiences associated with the illustration and production of a book on Sheffield, with 72 drawings
• Sheffield Canal Basin (The Pleasures and Pains of Painting on Site) - 90 paintings of dereliction and regeneration of the Basin, a talk with slides, prints and cards
• Textiles, Fabric and Thread (embroidery) - the origins of designs for working with these materials, and inspiration from nature as source material when designing for the applied arts, jewellery and silver.

Books, mounted prints and postcards are for sale. Fee charged. Qualifications - ATD.

  Rotary Club of Abbeydale - Speakers for Meetings
Rotary Club of Abbeydale can provide speakers for meetings. The club offers an illustrated talk on how the global network of Rotary has the ability to address current humanitarian issues and on local club work in the community.

  Royal Voluntary Service - Speakers for Meetings
Offers talks on the work of the Royal Voluntary Service which offers voluntary assistance to those in need in the community. RVS offers services that help the elderly maintain independence such as meals on wheels, home from hospital, good neighbour schemes and work with NHS hospitals.

Donations please.

Charity No: 1015988

  Samaritans - Speakers for Meetings
Samaritans can offer speakers for meetings to give talks on the work of the organisation. Donations welcome.
Charity No: 237180

  Sharp, Mrs Barbara
Barbara Sharp is a speaker for meetings. Her subjects are:
• Fitness and Mobility, for people of all ages who need a little encouragement
• Fitness for the terrified
• KFA Dance Exercise

Qualifications: BATD, KFA.

  Sheffield Alcohol Support Service (SASS) and Waypoint - Speakers for Meetings
SASS and Waypoint offers talks about their work (providing a service to help people with alcohol related problems). The service also offers training about drugs and alcohol and the skills needed to work with people with drug and alcohol problems. Negotiable fee charged for training or speaking at meetings.
Charity No: 1087215

  Sheffield Assay Office - Talks and Tours
Sheffield Assay Office hosts regular visits to its premises where the librarian/curator tells the history of the Sheffield Assay Office from 1773 to present day and shows the antique and contemporary silver collection, library, archive and hallmarking process throughout the ages. Talks can be adapted for all ages, but young children are unable to tour the production area.

  Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care, (SCCCC) - Speakers for Meetings
Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care can provide speakers for meetings. Subjects:
• Good Neighbour Scheme
• Community Care
• Hospital Aftercare
• Bereavement Support
• Links with Churches in Sheffield
• Working with Older People and Combatting Ageism

Illustrated talks. Donations please.

Charity No: 250748

  Sheffield Citizens Advice Mental Health Unit and Advocacy Service - Speakers for Meetings
Offers talks on the advice work at the unit (providing welfare rights advice and advocacy to mental health service users). No fee charged.

Company limited by guarantee no 08616847

Charity No: 1153277

  Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust - Speakers for Meetings
Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust offers talks on the role and progress of Sheffield Industrial Museums. The Trust comprises Kelham Island Museum, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet and Shepherd Wheel.

Kelham Island Museum: £5.50 (adult), £4.50 (concessions), free (accompanied children U16), group booking rates and tours available.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet: £4 (adult), £3 (concessions), free (accompanied children U16), group booking rates and tours available.

Shepherd Wheel : free (open only weekends and bank holiday Mondays)

Charity No: 1042287

  Sick Childrens Trust (Treetop House) - Speakers for Meetings
The Sick Children's Trust can provide speakers for meetings. They offer a talk about the work of the charity which provides accommodation and support for families with seriously ill children at hospitals around the UK.

The trust operates Treetop House and Magnolia House ‘home from home' located in the Sheffield Children's Hospital which provides accommodation to families of seriously ill children being treated in the hospital. The 24 bedroom facility has a large communal lounge, kitchen, dining area, laundry and play room and means that the whole family can stay close by whilst their family member is being treated.

Charity No: 284416

  South Yorkshire Bonsai Society - Speakers for Meetings
South Yorkshire Bonsai Society offers an entertaining talk on various aspects of Bonsai, with exhibits. Will travel. Small fee negotiated to cover costs.

  South Yorkshire Community Foundation - Speakers for Meetings
South Yorkshire Community Foundation are a funding body that supports voluntary and community groups. Their speakers will deliver information and advice on all the funding streams that the foundation administers. The talks are suitable for all ages and all types of group, but priority is given to smaller, less-well resourced voluntary groups. Please contact for details.
Charity No: 1140947

  Spick, Mike
Mike Spick is a speaker for meetings and offers professionally produced talks on a variety of subjects which tell fascinating stories about the past. Each talk is illustrated using a Powerpoint presentation, with still and moving images to tell the tale. Mike has a long, professional association with Sheffield and its history and has been presenting talks for many years. All equipment can be provided by the speaker. Each talk lasts about an hour.

The presentations currently available are entitled:
• J G Graves, businessman and benefactor: The life and times of the Sheffield entrepreneur and the city’s greatest philanthropist
• Sheffield - Salesman to the World: How Sheffield marketed its products and its reputation worldwide
• Sheffield A-Z: A bite-size exploration of the history & geography of the city in twenty-six alphabetical parts
• Snapshots in Time: Mapping Sheffield from the 18th to the 21st Century
• Up the Cut: From Halfpenny Bridge to Sheffield Canal Basin, via t’ackydoc - The Sheffield Canal, past and present.
• Voyage into Britain: A glimpse into the secret world of our canals and inland waterways
• Street Detective: A short investigation of Sheffield’s historic centre, looking at buildings old, new and those no longer with us. Giving an overview of the sources that can be used to turn anyone into a street detective.

Fee charged.

  St Lukes Hospice - Speakers for Meetings
The hospice is a registered charity and can provide speakers for meetings and events on subjects such as:
• The hospice, its work and the people they help, or
• Ways to support St Luke's

St Luke's Hospice cares for over 1,400 people both as in-patients and day patients from across Sheffield. Talks are given by an official speaker for the organisation. No fee is charged but donations welcome.

Charity No: 254402

  Stain, Janet
Janet Stain is a speaker for meetings. Her subjects are:
• Knickers (a brief history)
• Unmentionable Foundations
• Ladies' Secrets (women only groups)
• Ration Book Fashion
• The History of Wedding Dresses
• Dip Your Toe In: The History of Bathing Costumes

Talk and display.

  Stimely, Cllr Diana - Speakers for Meetings
Cllr Diana Stimely is a speaker for meetings. Her subject is "Life is what you make it (and that works for everyone)".

  Templeman, David
David Templeman is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• History of Sheffield Manor Lodge - Past & Present
• Mary Queen of Scots - The captive queen (1569-1584)
• Two queens and a countess
• Lady Arabella Stuart - The queen that never was
• The Final Journey - From Sheffield to Fotheringhay (1584-1587)
• Sheffield in Tudor and Stuart Times

Illustrated talks. Fee charged.

Charity No: 1123901

  Victim Support Sheffield - Speakers for Meetings
Victim Support Sheffield can provide speakers to talk about their work (providing emotional and some practical support to direct and indirect victims of crime). Donations welcome.
Charity No: 298028

  Victoria Howard, Romantic Suspense Novelist - Speakers for Meetings
Victoria Howard is a local author and experienced speaker, who offers
talks and presentations on various aspects of writing.

Talk subjects include:
• Talking to my imaginary friends
• How to write a novel
• I need a hero
• Creating tension in a short story or novel
• Manuscript makeover - the inner critic
• You’ve a fantastic idea… now what? - how to take your concept from brainstorm to book (PowerPoint presentation)
• Why your antagonist is the one holding your story together

Presentations include illustrative material and handouts, and are suitable for all ages. Victoria can also provide tailor-made presentations/workshops/talks. Please contact for further details and prices.

  Ward, Anne
Anne Ward is a speaker for meetings. She offers talks on the following subjects:
• natural health and skin care
• aromatherapy and relaxation
• stress management
• the benefits of Quigong

Orchestrated talks. Daytime only. Fee charged.

  Warrender, Jude - Speaker for Meetings
Jude Warrender offers illustrated talks on reducing your waste by recycling/re-use - and/or her involvement in this, locally and nationally over many years. In addtion Jude also offer talks on Plantlife and on rural / unknown Nepal, where she went as a volunteer teacher last Winter.

A donation to charity may be requested, depending on distance travelled and the means of the audience.

  Webb, Mr Ian
Mr Webb is a speaker for meetings. His subjects are:
• Mountaineering photography
• Alaska - an ascent of Mount Denali and back-packing old Indian trails
• Mountain photography
• Peruvian and Argentinian Andes
• An Ascent of Aconcagua - South America's highest mountain

Talks illustrated with slides. Fee charged.

  Wellbeing of Women (WOW)
Wellbeing Of Women is the official charity of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives. Funds medical and scientific research into all aspects of childbirth and the prevention of complications, screening, diagnosis and treatment of women's cancers (particularly ovarian, cervical, endometrial and breast), pregnancy, birth and the care of newborns.

Also covers quality of life issues for women, including:
• infertility
• period problems
• the menopause
• endometriosis
• incontinence
• osteoporosis

Provides information on all aspects of women's health and pregnancyvia the website.

The local group organises two functions per year and is available to give talks to other groups.

Charity No: 239281

  Whatlin, Keith
Keith Whatlin offers illustrated talks on the following subjects:
• Ancient Greeks
• Ancient Egypt
• Ancient Romans
• The history of English architectural styles (with emphasis on examples that are mainly within the Sheffield, South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire areas)

All talks are fully illustrated with slides and Keith also brings a range of original ancient artefacts both to observe and handle within the group.

Keith has been delivering talks for the past 10 years to a wide range of groups, such as probus clubs, WI groups and church interest groups. Each talk can be tailored to suit the venue and the occasion, usually 60-90 minutes long, but a cut-down version of around 45 minutes may be available, please contact for details. Keith can provide his own 35mm projector, as well as a stand and screen if necessary.

Talks are available to all and Keith charges £40 for the Sheffield area. Please check this price on enquiry.

Please note that talks are only available in the daytime.

  Wood, Robert
Robert Wood's subject is: A talk on the History, Mystery and the Sciences connected to Gemstones and Crystals. Talks that are humorous, intriguing and educational; it's about the worlds love and fascination with Gemstones and Crystals including 'Earth Science'. A display and presentation by a published author. For a free info pack please see website for details.

Prices: No fee charged, just expenses.
Qualification: - DHP (Diploma in Hypnotherapy).

  WORK Ltd - Speakers for Meetings
WORK invites groups to their premises for cake and coffee mornings or afternoon lunches. Afterwards, participants receive a talk on the world of WORK (Worthwhile Occupational Recreational Kraft). WORK is a local charity that provides hands-on work to people aged 16 years and over with learning disabilities. WORK creates opportunities to develop life skills, which helps to build confidence, self-esteem and encourages each individual to strive to reach their full potential.

Fee charged, but WORK requests that participants purchase food and/or drink from the cafι. Donations accepted.

Charity No: 1050876

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